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Course Descriptions

111 Introduction to Civil Engineering - 1 Credit
Introduction to engineering, duty and role of the professional engineer, phases of engineering activity, computer applications with word processing and spreadsheets. 1 one-hour lecture, 1 one-hour laboratory.

113 Elements of Surveying - 2 Credits
Surveying for non-CE students. Importance of measurements and errors and use of surveying instruments for obtaining field data and valid measurements. 1 one-hour lecture, 1 three-hour laboratory. Prereq: Math 142.

204 Surveying - 4 Credits
Measurements and errors; topographical and construction surveys; vertical and horizontal control methods; field exercises and computation techniques for surveying data; computation of earthwork volumes. 2 one-hour lectures, 2 three-hour laboratories. Prereq: Math 142.

303 Civil Engineering Materials - 3 Credits
Physical and chemical properties of different types of bituminous materials and Portland cement concrete; industry standards and tests for evaluating raw materials and mix designs. 2 one-hour lectures, 1 three-hour laboratory. Prereq: CE 316 or CM&E 320.

309 Fluid Mechanics - 3 Credits
Statics, kinematics, and energy concepts; flow through pipes; uniform flow in open channels; pumps and measurement of flow. 3 one-hour lectures. Prereq: ME 222.

310 Fluid Mechanics Laboratory - 1 Credit
Visualization and verification of the concepts of fluid flow, pumps, turbines, and flow meters. 1 two-hour laboratory. Coreq: CE 309.

316 Soil Mechanics - 3 Credits
Principles of soil mechanics including three-phase composition, classification, effective stress, consolidation, shear strength, compaction, and site investigation. 2 lectures, 1 two-hour laboratory. Prereq: ME 223.

320 Elements of Structures I - 3 Credits
Analysis of statically determinate structures, including beams and frames. Study of the design of steel elements and structural systems. 2 lectures, 1 three-hour session. Prereq: ME 223 or 228.

332 Introduction to Structural Engineering - 2 Credits
Structural systems, building materials, structural loading, review of free-body diagrams, shear and bending moment diagrams, moving loads, pattern loading, building codes. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: ME 223.

343 Structural Analysis - 3 Credits
Analysis of structures by classical and matrix methods; elastic deflections of trusses, beams, and frames; indeterminate analysis by compatibility and equilibrium methods; generalized matrix formulations. 3 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 332.

404/604 Reinforced Concrete - 3 Credits
Principles of design and analysis of reinforced concrete members, flexural and shear design of rectangular and tee beams, serviceability criteria, short and slender columns. 2 one-hour lectures, 1 two-hour session. Prereq: CE 343.

405/605 Advanced Reinforced Concrete - 2 Credits
Development and anchorage of reinforcement, details of reinforcement in flexural members, continuous beams and one-way slabs. 1 one-hour lecture, 1 two-hour session. Prereq: CE 404.

408/608 Water Resources and Supply - 3 Credits
Hydrologic concepts, development of water supply sources, principles involved in the collection and transportation of water/wastewater/storm runoff, and distribution of water for municipal use. Prereq: Chem 121, CE 309.

410/610 Water and Wastewater Engineering - 4 Credits
Principles involved in treatment, disposal, reuse, and recycling of municipal water supplies and wastewater. Laboratory introduces tests to evaluate treatment requirements and effectiveness. 3 one-hour lectures, 1 three-hour laboratory. Prereq: Chem 121, CE 309.

411/611 Design of Prestressed Concrete - 2 Credits
Theory and design of prestressed concrete structures, pre- and post-tensioning, loss of prestress, proportioning of flexural members, deflections. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 404.

415/615 Civil Engineering Systems - 2 Credits
Planning, evaluating, managing, and modeling of civil engineering projects using systems approach; CPM analysis; simulation decision analysis; optimization techniques utilizing computers and microcomputers. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: Math 260.

417/617 Slope Stability and Retaining Walls - 2 Credits
Performance and design of retaining walls, sheet pile walls, braced walls, and reinforced earth. Also evaluation and correction of unstable earth slopes. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 316.

418/618 Transportation Engineering - 4 Credits
Location, analysis, modeling, and design of multi-modal facilities including highways, railways, airports, terminals, harbors, ports, canals, waterways, pipelines, and conveyor systems. 3 one-hour lectures, 1 two-hour session. Prereq: CE 204.

419/619 Pavement Design - 3 Credits
Design of flexible and rigid pavements including subgrade, base courses, surface courses; evaluation criteria including soil, climate, traffic, material, drainage; initial and maintenance cost considerations; construction practices. 2 one-hour lectures, 1 two-hour session. Prereq: CE 316.

421/621 Open Channel Flow - 2 Credits
Geometric and hydraulic properties of open channels, momentum and energy principles, design of channels for uniform flow, gradually varied and rapidly varied flow. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 309.

429/629 Elements of Structures II - 3 Credits
Elements of concrete structures. Emphasis on the use and understanding of reinforced concrete. 1 two-hour lecture, 1 three-hour session. Prereq: CE 320.

430/630 Timber and Form Design - 3 Credits
Analysis and design of wood structures and concrete form work. 2 one-hour lectures, 1 three-hour session. Prereq: ME 223

441/641 Finite Element Analysis - 2 Credits
Weak and strong solutions to governing differential equations in bars, boundary conditions, Galerkin approximation, nodal basis functions, and shape functions. Two-dimensional problems with triangular and quadrilateral elements. 2 two-hour lectures.

442/642 Matrix Analysis of Structures - 2 Credits
Review of matrix algebra, flexibility and stiffness methods, direct stiffness methods, introduction to fine element analysis. 2 lectures. Prereq: CE 343.

444/644 Structural Steel Design - 3 Credits
Design of metal structures including mechanical behavior of metals; behavior and proportioning of tension and compression members; beams, beam-columns, and connections; selection of metal structural systems. 2 one-hour lectures, 1 two-hour session. Prereq: CE 343.

445/645 Advanced Steel Design - 2 Credits
Analysis and design of metal structures including connections and selection of structural systems. 1 one-hour lecture, 1 two-hour session. Prereq: CE 444.

446/646 Basic Dynamics of Structures - 3 Credits
Analysis of single degree of freedom structural systems to harmonic and general dynamic loading, free vibration of multiple degree of freedom systems, modal superposition, and earthquake engineering. 3 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 343.

447 Computer-Aided Structural Design - 2 Credits
Computer-aided structural steel design. Emphasis on using the software (ISDS) and verifying results. 2 one-hour lectures.

451/651 Advanced Surveying - 2 Credits
Property description and legal land surveys. Astronomical observations to establish position and direction. State plane coordinates. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 204.

454/654 Geometric Highway Design - 3 Credits
Location and design of highways and streets, design controls, elements of design, cross-section and alignment, design of intersections, interchanges safety appurtenances, and noise barriers. 2 one-hour lectures, 1 two-hour session. Prereq: CE 418.

455/655 Airport Planning and Design - 2 Credits
System planning and demand forecasting, siting and configuration of airports, aircraft characteristics, air traffic controls, standards for geometric design, pavement design, earthwork, drainage, lighting, and marking. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 418.

456/656 Railroad Planning and Design - 2 Credits
Rail planning and location analysis, track/rail structure, track layout and control system, locomotives and train resistance, track safety standards and geometrics, terminal design. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 418.

457/657 Pavement Management Systems - 2 Credits
Pavement design, maintenance, and rehabilitation strategies, planning, budgeting, and programming for pavement management at network and project levels; development, design and maintenance of pavement management systems. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 418, 419.

461/661 Foundation Engineering - 2 Credits
Performance and selection of the following foundations: shallow, mat, combined pile, and drilled piers. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 316.

471/671 Water and Wastewater Laboratory - 2 Credits
Emphasis on recent developments in and standard methods of water and wastewater analysis. Studies of efficiency, operation, and evaluation of water and wastewater treatment. 1 one-hour lecture, 1 three-hour laboratory. Prereq: CE 408, 410.

472/672 Solid Waste Management - 2 credits
Basic study of solid waste materials, current collection methods, available disposal techniques, recycling and resource conservation, and economics of solid waste collection and disposal. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 408, 410.

473/673 Air Pollution - 3 Credits
Fundamentals of air pollution and its control technology. Types and sources of air pollutants, meteorology, effects on plants, animals, people, and property. Design of control equipment. 2 one-hour lectures, 1 three-hour laboratory. Prereq: CE 408, 410.

475/675 Topics in Hydrology and Hydraulics - 2 Credits
Principles of hydraulics and hydrology, flow in open channels and pipes, hydrologic and hydraulic design of water control and conveyance structures, pumps and turbines, sedimentation in streams and reservoirs, and model studies. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 309.

477/677 Applied Hydrology - 2 Credits
Scope of hydrology, probabilistic concepts in water resources, regional frequency analysis, application of risk concepts to hydrologic design, hydrologic data generation for ungaged watersheds, hydrologic modeling. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 408.

478/678 Water Quality Management - 2 Credits
Physical, chemical, biological, hydrological characteristics and hydrodynamic elements of receiving waters. Characterizations, measurement, and modeling methods of river/streams, lakes/reservoirs, and ground-water systems. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 408, 410.

479/679 Sanitary Engineering Problems - 2 Credits
Selected problems in the investigation and design of sewerage systems, water distribution systems, wastewater treatment plants, and water purification plants. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 408, 410.

483/683 Contracts and Specifications - 2 Credits
Formation, interpretation, and termination of engineering contracts. Engineering specifications and drawings. Other legal matters of concern to engineers. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: Senior standing.

489 Senior Design (Capstone) - 2 Credits
An open-ended capstone design project encompassing a number of the disciplines within civil engineering. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: Senior standing.

Graduate Classes

701 Theory of Elasticity - 2 Credits
A theoretical study of linear elasticity, Saint Venant's problems, plain stress, plain strain, strain energy, and torsion. 2 one-hour lectures.

702 Plates and Shells - 2 Credits
A theoretical and applied study of the classical theories of plates and shells as they pertain to engineering problems including small displacement of rectangular and circular plates and thin shells. 2 one-hour lectures.

703 Advanced Structural Analysis - 2 Credits
Analysis of beams, frames, and arches with variable moment of inertial by moment distribution, slope deflection, and energy methods. Analysis of deformations caused by support settlement and temperature variation. 2 one-hour lectures.

706 Plastic Design in Structural Steel - 2 Credits
Inelastic bending of beams and frames, application of upper and lower bound theorems, calculation of deflection, effect of axial and shearing forces on flexural strength, connections, structural safety, and rules of plastic design. 2 one-hour lectures.

707 Numerical Methods in Structural Engineering - 3 Credits
Methods of successive approximations in stress, vibrations, and stability analysis of structural members and frames; numerical methods for the calculation of beam deflections, buckling of nonuniform columns, diaphragms, and webs. 3 one-hour lectures.

709 Dynamics of Structures and Foundations - 2 Credits
Advanced topics in structural dynamics, frequency domain response, generalized coordinates, nonlinear structural response, dynamic analysis of framed structures, structures with distributed properties, seismic design considerations. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 446.

712 Ductile Structures - 2 Credits
Ductile behavior of reinforced concrete structures, failure criteria, ductility of confined concrete, moment/rotation behavior of reinforced concrete members, collapse mechanism, and limit analysis. 2 one-hour lectures.

713 Structural Mechanics - 2 Credits
Elements of classical mechanics; stress, strain, stress-strain relations, two-dimensional problems in elasticity, torsion, axisymetrically loaded elements. Introduction to plates and shells. 2 one-hour lectures.

714 Theory of Elastic Stability - 2 Credits
Bending of beams under simultaneous action of axial and lateral loads, buckling of compressed bars in both the elastic and plastic ranges, design formulas, lateral buckling of beams. 2 one-hour lectures.

716 Design of Thin Shell Concrete Structures - 2 Credits
Design and analysis of reinforced concrete folded plates, cylindrical shells, domes, and hyperbolic paraboloids. 2 one-hour lectures.

720 Continuum Mechanics - 3 Credits
Tensor analysis in affined and metric spaces, kinematics of motion, general principles of continuum mechanics, thermodynamics of deformation, and postulates on constitutive laws. 3 one-hour lectures.

722 Theory of Models - 2 Credits
Physical, analog, mathematical, and computer models; application of dimensional analysis to physical hydraulic model studies, scaling ratios, distorted models. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 309.

762 Advanced Foundation Engineering - 2 Credits
Advanced topics in performance and design of foundations. Current topics include a two-dimensional finite element analysis of the foundation and its supporting soil. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 461/661.

770 Hazardous Waste Management - 2 Credits
Hazardous waste site remediation, hazardous treatment technologies. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 408, 410.

771 Rural and Non-Metropolitan Transportation Systems - 3 Credits
Transportation systems concepts and analysis, transport economics, freight technology and operations, transit, logistics and distribution. Includes rural and non-metropolitan case studies.

772 Rural Logistics and Distribution Management - 3 Credits
Logistical systems and concepts, distribution management, management of railroads, and motor carriers, and location of facilities. Includes agribusiness and natural resource case studies.

774 Statewide Transportation Planning - 3 Credits
Introduction to transportation institutions, regulation and safety, transportation finance, modal planning (for highways, railroads, airports, and waterways), multimodal planning, and transportation impact assessment.

776 Groundwater and Seepage - 2 Credits
Groundwater as a resource, relation to hydrologic cycle, well hydraulics, seepage, ground water quality and contamination, ground water flow models. 2 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 408.

778 Transportation Administration - 3 Credits
Public organizational behavior and administration, fund accounting, public budgeting, financial management, and strategic management of transportation agencies. Includes transportation case studies.

780 Transportation Planning - 3 Credits
Development and trends in travel demand forecasting; trip generation, trip distribution, mode choice, traffic assignment; transportation plans for modal, multi-modal, and paratransit alternatives; policy formulation and analysis. 3 one-hour lectures. Prereq: CE 418.

781 Traffic Engineering - 3 Credits
Traffic characteristics, studies, and control devices; operations analysis and design; aspects of signing, signalization, markings, and lighting; accident analysis; traffic laws and ordinances; work zone safety practices. 2 one-hour lectures, 1 two-hour laboratory. Prereq: CE 418.


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